We can work with you to create a unique flavor profile for your event. Maybe you want just refreshing ice coffee with ice to keep the party going all night? Ice coffee is also an excellent substitute offering for those who do not drink alcohol. Coffee cocktails include a chicory-infused, maple-syrup-sweetened New Orleans style ice coffee. Or, on a hot afternoon, how about a refreshing ice coffee mojito. (Yes, it sounds odd but it's delicious, trust us.)

Also, since the choice of coffee beans can change a batch price by as much as 100%, we can also work with organizers on cost targets, using delicious yet more wallet-friendly bean blends.

With enough lead time, we can arrange for special coffee favors for attendees. This includes beans served at the event packaged in handsome, commemorative glass growlers or cold brew in customized bottles for each guest's morning after.

For select private events, we can also discuss pairing our coffees with unique, coffee-based and coffee-complimenting spirits such as beer (Surly's "Coffee Bender"/ Bent Paddle Brewing Company's "Cold Press Black Ale") or cream liqueurs. 

We're so willing to make your event memorable that we'll even arrange serving...yes... decaf.

Interested in delicious ice brew coffee at your event but you don't need the bike or Abe to serve it? Old Abe Coffee Co. also offers disposable, faucet-equipped dispensers full of up to three gallons of cold brew concentrate. Mixed with milk or water and ice to your taste, that's enough for anywhere from 60 to 75 cups of strong ice coffee. We can also supply a disposable kettle with 1.25 gallons of cold brew. Also, because our coffee is slowly cold brewed without any destructive heat, the coffee can be placed in a refrigerator and enjoyed for up to three days after delivered.

These catering dispensers are mostly cardboard, so when the coffee is gone, simply fold it up and place it in the recycling.

Alongside the beverage dispenser, Old Abe can deliver an appropriate amount of grass fed, BST hormone-free fresh milk, maple syrup, fresh spring water, ice in a cooler and recyclable cold cups and straws. Contact Old Abe for cold brew coffee catering package prices.

Just email us at abe@oldabecoffee.com or call 651-410-4137 for more information on custom packages to make your event memorable and caffeinated. Call quick, we get booked up early for prime summer dates and events.