Old Abe & Co. started as a handsome Dutch-style cargo tricycle that Abe himself built. Today Old Abe & Co. is a popular vegan cafe in Rochester, MN. Conveniently located near downtown on Cooke Park is the city’s Design District, Old Abe & Co. is Rochester’s only vegan-dedicated menu. Vegan specials include banh mi, poke bowls, BLTs, sriracha brats, and daily specials. Old Abe’s drink menu is eclectic, including the best NiTRO cold brew in town and vegan smoothies such as the popular G.O.A.T. Old Abe also serves locally brewed beers and, wine and select cocktails. In the summer, the vegan food moves outside on the patio overlooking downtown and Cooke Park. The cafe also provides free check-out of pickleball equipment for those looking to break a sweat at the courts a few feet away. The shop also has a play area for children.

You can still find the cart from May until October in downtown Rochester as well as at the Saturday morning Farmers Market and special events. Go to the GET ABE page for addresses and more info.